Author: PJ Janssen

Caring for your leather boots

Caring for your leather boots. You spent a lot of time searching for the perfect boot and getting the right fit. Now what? Caring for your boots can help protect your investment.   Light scuff marks – Wipe with a damp cloth and let air dry. Apply your boot polish and buff as directed.   Regular cleaning. A few times a year, clean with a leather cleaner to remove all dirt, then polish with your boot polish. Wipe mud and dirt off after every ride.   To keep them looking their best right before you go into the show ring, there are quick shine polish products on the market to give your boots that nice shine.   Keep your boots dry, moisture and urine are killers to your expensive boots. If you wear them to clean stalls, invest in a pair of rubbers to cover your boots, or protect them with mink oil. Zipper care – make sure zippers are free from dirt and mud. There are products on the market to keep your zippers working their best.   Use boot trees/shapers when your tall boots are not in use.   Invest a little time caring for your boots. It will pay off in the...

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Cribbing is the gnawing or chewing of wood. The horse often arches his neck and sucks in air as he cribs. This chewing of wood can wear down the teeth and destroy property.

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Girth Fit & Saddle Cleaning

As we all know, good tack is NOT cheap. If you are spending money on the good stuff, it only makes sense to treat them as an investment, and care for them accordingly, so that they can give you a good return.

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