Author: PJ Janssen

What is the difference between Western & English dressage?

What is the difference between Western and English Dressage?           Actually, the two disciplines are very similar. Both seek to get the horse and rider to progress with structured and focused training, and physical and mental development of the pair. Both seek balance, carriage and even cadence in their tests. There will be many similarities, the rings are the same, either a 20×40 or 20×60 meter dressage ring. The scoring is the same, a one through ten scale with the same definitions for each number. There are some differences in the execution of some of...

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To Braid or not to Braid

To Braid or not to Braid Q. Does the judge care if your horse is braided? A. Yes, if you present your horse braided, it shows you are taking the show seriously , and have pride in your horses turnout. Even in schooling shows it is important to have your horse looking his/her best . Well groomed, braided, tack clean , and your turnout (neat, clean, tidy) are a first impression when you enter the show ring. *Coeli Netsky – Judge There are many products out there to get that wonderful braid you are looking...

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Exercises for suppleness and bending

Q. What are some good exercises to improve my horses suppleness, and bending ? A. I like the spiral in and out ‘s on a 20 meter circle , they really help with bending , and teaching you horse to into your outside rein. I also am a fan of leg yields , and shoulder in’s. Next blog I will discuss the correct ways to execute these 3 exercises . Stay tuned. Coeli Netsky Equine Services, Guest...

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