Riding Helmets


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You know you should wear one, but do you know how it should fit? You want your helmet to be snug, but not so tight that it gives you a headache.


A well fitting helmet will not move or bobble on your head. The brim should be about an inch above your eyebrows. When properly adjusted, if you try to wiggle the helmet, your eyebrows should move with the hat.


When first putting a helmet on, make sure if it has a dial, the dial is opened all the way. Also, make sure the chinstraps are adjusted so that you will be able to snap it. After placing it on your head, turn the fitting dial, if so equipped, in to make it snug. Do not try to get a helmet with “room to grow” and just dial it down smaller. The helmet should fit with minimal adjustment. If it is a sized helmet with no dial, make sure it is snug enough, as some of them will settle and become a bit larger after wear.

When your helmet is on, you should not be able to put your fingers in spaces on the side of the helmet, if you can, the helmet is too round for you. You may need to find a helmet that comes in long oval. Some people may have trouble with fit because their head is round.  Many helmets come in round as well as long oval.  There are also some helmets out that have an air pump that lets you adjust the fit  One of those helmets is the One K Air

defender air

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If you are going to wear your hair up under your helmet, you may need to go up a size. Try to get your hair as flat as you can under your helmet. One of the best hairnets for that is the RWR hair net. It is easy to put on, and you don’t have that lump, or twist of hair on the back of your head. You shouldn’t try to fit so much hair under your helmet that it is just perched on top of your hair. If you have very long or thick hair, try a snood, or show bow to keep your hair neat while showing.

show bow

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Helmets should be replaced every 4 or 5 years, or after you have had a fall. They are only good for one impact. Check with the manufacturer of your helmet to see if they have an accident replacement policy. You may not need to spend full price to get a replacement helmet.

Stay safe out there!!