Staying warm at the barn

It’s all about the layers.

Riding and working in cold weather can be a challenge. Make sure you’re dressed for it.

Base layers

Romfh Aachen Mock Zip

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Mountain Horse® Heat Tech Polo


Base layers should be form fitting and moisture wicking. These are usually a lighter weight.

Mid Layers

Mid layers are usually wool or fleece and must be highly breathable. You want them to wick away any moisture.


MH Midlayer

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Winter Coats

A waterproof and breathable coat is a good idea. You want to be protected from rain, sleet and snow and cold. A hood is great, and most jackets made for riding will have a hood that fits over your helmet. If the coat is longer in length, it will probably have snaps at the back to let you open the coat to accommodate your saddle.   Make sure you have enough pockets for phone, treats, etc. Check for jackets with ventilation if you tend to get hot while working or riding.

Ovation Deluxe Jacket

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Gloves for the barn are a tough decision. Do you want them really warm, great grip or thin enough to feel the reins. One glove may not be the best for everything. You may want heavier waterproof gloves for barn work, and thin grippy gloves for riding. If your hands are always really cold, they do make riding mittens with the pinky separated for your reins.

extremer snow glove



                       MH mittens                                      smart tap gloves

Hand warmers can also be a great help in the bitter cold.


You want your socks to be warm and breathable. A tall sock is usually best.  Some new socks are made with a technical fabric that keeps your feet dry. They can wick away sweat.

Tuff Rider Winter SocksThere is nothing worse that wet, cold feet.

Toe heaters can also help keep your tooties warm.


Insulated boots are a must. If you are out in snowy wet areas, waterproof boots are a must as well. Make sure if you wear your warm boots to ride, they fit in your stirrups and have a heel. You should have a finger width on each side of your boots when they are in your stirrups. That way, if your horse is frisky in the cold and you fall, your foot will come out if the stirrup. Blizzard paddock Alpine Quilted Boots mountain horse active

Most winter boots made for riding will have the correct heel and take the width of stirrups into account.


If a winter coat is too heavy for you, or you need a layer under your coat, a vest might be just what you need.   
insulated vest


Stay warm – Happy riding!



Keep your horse warm as well.

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