Month: July 2018

One Pattern – Two Ways! – By Mary Ann Brewer

July 5, 2018 One Pattern – Two Ways! This is a different take on the traditional figure 8 pattern which is below.  In this pattern, draw the horse from between the barrels toward you, when he reaches you, turn with him – shoulder to shoulder and then send him out and around the outside of the first barrel. Repeat Draw your horse toward you, now go the other way, circle with him, shoulder to shoulder and send him out and around the second barrel, Again, draw him toward you and then praise and make much of your horse! To advance this pattern you can ask your horse to walk when you send him away and ask him to trot when he is coming toward you, eventually asking him to canter toward you! You may need to trot backward during the draw phase, thus ‘being the change you want to see in your horse’ In this more traditional figure 8 you can create more drive,  more ability to send your horse away. You’ll need a bit of a longer rope to play with these patterns at higher speeds. I like this pattern for so many relationship building ideas. Balancing your ability to send your horse away and bring him back at any speed, rather than just having your horse follow you. Helping you and your horse become puzzle solvers Your...

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Marvelous Mantras! by Mary Ann Brewer

June 18, 2018 Marvelous Mantras! Mantras are a way for us (the human) to clear our minds and help our horses.  Essentially a mantra is a way to protect us from a run amok imagination, limiting thoughts or beliefs. When we think, and what we think matters to our horses. Our thoughts become our actions and what we put in our thoughts eventually comes out.  This is the way brains work, They are essentially like computers and can only give you what has been input. And, just like computers, the most recent or most often in-put information is what the brain gives us first. Think of it this way, even though you didn’t make the pound sign (#) a hast tag (#), do a google search and see what it gives you! By popular demand and repetition, the pound sign became a hashtag. Take this thinking to our horses What we see, hear and say all the time is what is seeding our subconscious (our mind).  Our brains answer our questions based on popular demand and repetition. Since horses are mind readers, there is nowhere to hide! Let’s use a Mantra! To protect ourselves and ultimately our horses from run amok thinking, a mantra can help. A mantra is: something positive personal easy to remember and perhaps rhythmical designed by you to help you remember who you want to...

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