Sports/Compression Bras

Don’t forget an important part of your riding wardrobe.

Going without the correct support can cause breast pain and upper back and shoulder problems. Breasts are mostly composed of fatty tissue. Mainly skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers’ ligaments support breasts. Because these ligaments are not elastic, during repetitive or high impact sport the breasts bounce and pull on the ligaments, forcing them to stretch. A Sport Bra or Compression Bra is an important part of your riding wear.




Balanced weight distribution of breast tissue is important.

In a sport that emphasises control and stillness, bouncing breasts are distracting to say the least. Not only is it painful, but continuous abuse can cause permanent tissue damage. And who wants that!?

Cheata bras are a great way to stop the bounce. No other athletic bra on the market achieves this. Breast tissue feels significantly lighter and breast movement is comfortably restricted in all directions (up, down, forward, side to side).

The Cheata Trotter sports bra and the Cheata Trotter tank with built in bra are your new best friend for jacket and shirt fit issues. You have to try it to believe it. You are smaller, sleeker, and smoother like never before. Dropping a coat size or two is typical with the Cheata Trotter bras and Cheata Trotter tanks. Think of the Cheata Trotters as athletic shaperwear for your chest and back fat areas.