Taking care of your clippers.


Take good care of your clippers and your blades and they will last longer.  They should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Blade care:

Make sure to oil your blades with clipper oil. Lubrication is essential to the blades, they can never be allowed to go dry.  Andis Master Hair Clipper Oil - 4oz

Clean the blades of hair and the buildup, daily. Brush them off, or take a pipe cleaner and

slide it under the cutter (side to side) and get the hair from under it,  then use blade wash.

If you are doing a lot of clipping, a product like Kool Lube is a must. These

products cool the blade.  Remember, you do still need to use oil as there is not enough lube

in spray coolants to use them as a base for blade care.  Read and follow the directions on the can.

Oster Kool Lube III Spray Coolant - 14ozOster Blade Wash Cleaning Solution

If your blades get rusty, a good cleaning and sharpening may  help.

When you take the blades off of your clipper, try to clean the visible hair out the best you can.  Hair can get down in the clipper and make it hard for the clipper to work correctly.

Using a product like Show Sheen can help your blades zip through the hair and stay sharp longer.

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Follow all these steps and your clippers should last longer and cut better.

Happy clipping!