Does my horse need a fly sheet?


If your horse is turned out in the warmer weather, he/she might. Your horse being bitten by flies and mosquitos could ruin a nice day of turnout for your horse. Help protect him/her with a fly sheet.

Tempest Fly Sheet


Have a dark horse and want to keep him/her from getting bleached out by the sun? A fly sheet could help with that.   Fly sheets can protect your horse from UV rays.

Another benefit of fly sheets is that some bugs can carry disease, and use of a fly sheet can help protect against this, as well as protecting against bumps and welts from bug bites.

Highlander Fly Sheet

If you are worried that your horse will be too hot in a fly sheet, you don’t have to worry. They are usually light colors and that reflect UV rays. Fly sheets are very breathable as well. With gussets and nice materials, your horse should be comfortable.

If your horse gets caught out in the rain, you don’t have to worry about your fly spray getting washed off. Your horse will still be protected from flies by his sheet.

Fly sheets can vary in price and materials. With all of the great options out there, it shouldn’t be hard to find the best fit for you and your horse.


Add some fly boots and a fly mask for added protection.

Fly Boots

Fly Mask