What is the difference between polo and standing wraps?


Polo Wrap

Polo wraps are one of the oldest types of wraps for horses and are commonly used in dressage and polo. Polo’s do offer some protection against bumps and bruises that the horse can get while working if he over reaches or bumps himself.

Polo wraps are made from a material that conforms to a horse’s leg. When wrapped correctly, they do not bunch or slip like some other boots can when a horse is doing dressage, or other intricate movements.

Many people like to match their polo wraps, fly bonnets and saddle pads.



Standing wraps are usually used with quilts or no bows. Standing wraps can be used for protection, to promote circulation, to keep a wound clean, to add support to a horse’s leg or with poultice or topical medicine.

Standing Wraps

When a standing wrap is used without any medication or poultice, it can provide warmth and promote circulation in your horse’s leg. It can also help to keep them from stocking up.

When standing wraps are used with poultice, it can help reduce swelling/inflammation.

Make sure bandages are wrapped, with even pressure applied throughout, from the inside to the outside of the leg.


Some people will use standing wraps and quilts for shipping instead of shipping boots.