What do you have in your tack box?


So, you got a horse. You should have some essentials on hand to care for your new best friend. Some great items to have on hand are…

  1. Wound care products For any bumps or scrapes.
  2. Grooming tools/brushes   Hard brush, soft brush, curry, hoof pick etc.
  3. Grooming sprays and shampoosTo keep your horse clean and shiny.
  4. Fly Spray  Fly ointments for wounds, fly leg wraps etc.
  5. Hoof care products Hoof dressing, thrush medications, hoof pick
  6. Horse Clothing – fly sheet, blankets, sheets, coolers 
  7. Tack – bridle, saddle, training equipment
  8. Halter and Lead
  9. Saddle Pads 
  10. Horse Boots  Bell boots, brushing boots, splint boots etc.
  11. Bits/Spurs  Some people like to have more than one bit and spurs if needed.
  12. And most of all – Horse Treats


Make sure, if your horse is not at home, the barn owner has a way to contact you. A plaque or board in your tack box with your vet and farrier info as well as any special needs your horse has can be very helpful in case of emergency.

These are just a few essentials.  If you are a new horse owner, ask your trainer what he/she suggests. If you are interested in some of our products, give us a call, we will be happy to help.